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Dan RotnemDan Rotnem – Nami Bujutsu Instructor & Certified Personal TRainer

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What were you doing at age 5? At 5, Dan Rotnem began training in martial arts. At that tender age, he found an immediate passion and dedicated himself to honing his physical and mental abilities.

Over the last 26 years, Dan has earned advanced rank in Japanese Jujutsu, Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin Karate and Tae Kwon Do. He also has significant training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Muay Thai. The successful application of these skills in competition (AAU Jr. Olympic Bronze Medalist, 30+ tournament top 3 finishes, AKJU All-American) provided a strong foundation for the move to reality-based self-defense training at the core of Nami Bujutsu.

In addition, Dan is a Zen student and teacher in the tradition of the Hollow Bones Zen Order. As a recognized facilitator of the Mondo Zen Koan Practice, a guided form of introspection that acts as a launching point for self-realization, he also provides guidance in the application of Zen to daily life.

LIndsey Rotnem – Certified Personal Trainer

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Lindsey  was involved in varsity softball and cheerleading through high school and played intramural softball in college, but then quit it all to “live it up”. One day, after gaining significant weight, struggling with anxiety, high blood pressure and realizing she was only 26, she knew something had to change. After years of “putting in the work”, including learning how to live with fibromyalgia, she is excited to start helping other women become their healthiest.

Lindsey turned to personal training after over 10 years of experience as a licensed social worker. She enjoys supporting women who want to just “be”. To Lindsey, that doesn’t mean meeting some measure of “ideal”. It means finding the balance in what to eat, how and when to exercise and preserving mental health all while “adulting”. As a woman in America, especially as a mom,  it has become increasingly challenging to prioritize taking care of ourselves.

But we deserve it!

Sean Smith

Sean SMith – Certified Personal Trainer

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Sean’s always had a passion for fitness and helping people, so it’s no surprise that he became a  certified personal trainer in 2016.

His wife encouraged him to get into yoga. He was reluctant. But when he started, he fell in love with the practice! This led to him getting certified in yoga in 2017. Training and yoga are his passions. He loves the flexibility it provides and stress management aspect of the practices.

Outside of the fitness world Sean is a husband and proud father of three kids.

Katie Thomas Katie Thomas – Spinning Instructor

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Katie was a basketball player for many many years. And competitor. In fact, she was banned from board games at a young age because of her competitive nature.

After a stint in recreational basketball led to a broken middle finger, broken tibia, sprained ankle and numerous other injuries to count, she hung up her shoes for the final time (… but really because her husband told her he wasn’t spending another day in the emergency department!) After retiring in 2013, Katie traded the basketball shoes for clip on Spinning shoes. She loves encouraging students to try something new and seeing her students’ results. She takes great pride in the music and rides she has created for her students.

Outside of teaching a couple of Spinning classes a week, Katie works full time in marketing and public relations in the health care sector. She is a fur parent to a dog and two cats. Thanks to the encouragement of John Katsares, Katie competed in first Festivus Games in 2018. She is on the fence about doing that again… but that competitive spirit keeps telling her she needs to keep trying new things and pushing herself.